Tech Trek seeks volunteers with a commitment to STEM education who will assist with planning activities during several months before the workshops, field trips, and general camper needs we will need during the week of Tech Trek (July) at Stockton University.

Volunteering with Tech Trek is a great way to get involved in helping 8th grade girls discover their potential in STEM. Tech Trek is staffed almost entirely by volunteers, and couldn’t be done without volunteer efforts. All overnight volunteers receive reimbursement for obtaining required clearance, complimentary room and board on campus, and a modest stipend.


Selection Committee Member | Dorm Monitor

 Camp Counselor | Teacher | Health Aide 

Workshop Presenter | One Day Volunteer

 Professional Woman Night (PWN)

Student Selection Committee Member

Selection Committee Members are AAUW volunteers responsible to read nominations and applications February-March, following Tech Trek selection criteria and guidelines. Some selection committee members will also be responsible to conduct interviews with prospective campers and their parents or guardians in April. For each branch or region who signs up 2 or more volunteers, their schools will receive an invitation to nominate campers.

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Dorm Monitor

Dorm Monitors are responsible for a small group of Tech Trek campers, provide emotional support, and respond to campers’ questions and concerns for 2-3 day shifts throughout the week.

Each Dorm Monitor will have a ‘dorm group’ of seven to ten girls. Dorm monitors will hold evening meetings with their dorm groups and keep track of their whereabouts overnight. They will accompany girls to evening campus activities and will be in charge of the enforcement of camp rules and policies. Dorm monitors will rotate throughout the camp and pass along updates to their replacements for each shift.

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Camp Day Counselors 

Camp Day counselors are volunteers who assist teachers, Dorm Monitors and the Camp Director during the week of Tech Trek camp with activities, field trips, material preparation and general camper needs.

Camp Day counselors will supervise campers throughout the day and assist camp staff with classes and other activities. They will help to provide a safe environment, monitor campers, ensure they are where they need to be, and act as a role models for the campers by demonstrating a warm, positive outlook and attitude as well as an excitement for STEM.

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Teachers will provide a STEM core class (3 hours/day for 4 days) for 12- and 13-year-old girls during the week of Tech Trek camp.

Classes should include stimulating hands-on activities and STEM-focused coursework. Students may work on cumulative projects throughout the week or have a different project each day. Teachers should have multiple years of teaching experience in a STEM field and be prepared to encourage and appreciate student effort and act as role models.

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Health Aide

The Health Aide provides basic medical support as needed and is the first line of medical support for campers. The Health Aide should be highly organized and comfortable discussing medical needs of campers, prepared for all medical issues that might arise during camp activities.

Health Aides will be on call 24 hours a day for the duration of camp and be able to respond immediately to health needs. They will keep records of campers’ medical information and be familiar with any potential health issues listed in their history. Health Aides will also hold ‘clinic hours’ during the week. Applicants for this position should have extensive nurse’s training, be a senior nursing student, or a retired nurse with updated training.

Contact Ann Marchesani to apply as a 2017 Health Aide


Workshop Presenters 

Workshop Presenters present three-hour workshops to campers during the week of Tech Trek.

Workshop presenters should be organized, prepared and have a disposition that reflects excitement for Tech Trek and STEM learning. They should have a good reputation in their workplaces, schools, or communities as an involved STEM practitioner or educator and role model.

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One Day Volunteer

One Day Volunteers arrange to assist with a pre-camp planning task, such as assembling camper backpacks or assisting with move-in, or joining a group of campers for one day to assist teachers, workshop presenters, or field trip chaperones. One Day Volunteers also help to move girls out, restore the dormitories to pre-camp condition, or assist in mailing girls’ thank you cards to camp volunteers and donors. One Day Volunteers offer a specific day between July 15 (pre-camp planning) and July 22 (move-out/clean up).

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Professional Women’s Night (PWN) – Thursday, July 20, 2017 (6:00 – 9:30 PM)

The goal of the “Professional Women’s Night (PWN)”  is to inspire the girls to continue their education in STEM fields and to expose them to the many careers that are available to them.

In 2016, Tech Trek camp welcomed 41 Women in STEM Professions to a Networking Dinner with the campers at Stockton University’s Campus Center Event Room on Thursday, July 21, 2016 from 6:00 – 9:30pm.

See more pictures of our 2016 Professional Women’s Night Participants!

See Pictures of the Festivities at PWN

2016_Professional Women Bios

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Volunteer to be a 2017 Professional Women’s Night (PWN) Assistant

Thanks to Dottie Pearson, Chair, and Shevi Salberg, VP Communications, AAUW NJ, for organizing this amazing evening!


Professional Women Panelists answer campers’ questions at Tech Trek Networking Dinner (2015)