Calendar & Camp Schedule



  • Tech Trek Organizers recruit volunteers; prioritize Selection Committee Volunteers (so we have reps in all counties)
  • Camp organizers and volunteers raise funds from private giving and local or regional grants
  • Volunteer committees begin forming: Student Selection, Curriculum, PR & Marketing, Dorm Mom and Counselors, and Fundraising
  • Early emails go out to all New Jersey schools with a 7th grade (in counties where AAUW volunteers will select)


  • AAUW national office holds annual Director Training
  • Camp organizers revise web site to align with materials from Directors’ meeting
  • Web site begins accepting Volunteer Workshop Presenters and Speakers


  • Curriculum Committee begins to review core class and workshop topics
  • Emails go out to NJ principals seeking Teachers’ Nominations (with online link) for students to attend Tech Trek
  • Student Selection Committee begins to accept Teacher Nominations of Students


  • Emails go out to NJ principals seeking Teachers’ Nominations for Students to attend Tech Trek: Nominate a Camper!
  • Continue to accept Teacher Nominations of Students
  • Student Selection Committee Training dates announced (in Galloway and via Conference Calls Late January/early February meeting with teleconference options at 6:00pm)
  • Continue to recruit and select camp volunteers


  • Continue accepting volunteers
  • Continue accepting Student Applications
  • Student Selection Committee Training at 10 W. Jimmie Leeds Road (in Galloway and via Conference Calls Dates will be posted here at 6:00pm)
  • Student nomination forms due from teachers to Tech Trek Selection Coordinator – Deadline February 1.


  • Student applications due to Tech Trek Camp Selection Coordinator – March 1
  • Interviews of Tech Trek applicants begins – March 4
  • Confirm list of dorm monitors, day counselors and begin background checks
  • Order materials and supplies from Curriculum Committee


  • Finalize Student Counselors Selection
  • Volunteers complete applicant interviews – April 8
  • Committee members recommend campers and alternates – April 12
  • Director and Selection Coordinator Finalize Campers – April 15
  • Registration/Fee Documents Sent to Families –  April 17


  • Registration documents and $50 fee from families due May 1
  • Tech Trek Camper Packet to Parents May 3
    • Camp Schedule
    • What to Bring To Camp
    • Camp Policies and Rules
    • Core Class, Permission, and Medical Forms
  • Campus Meet & Greet at Stockton Campus Center – May 11


  • Camp forms due – June 3 (AAUW NJ Tech Trek Camp c/o Stockton University, 101 Vera King Farris Drive, Galloway NJ 08205).
  • Campers assigned to Dorm Rooms, Classes, and Workshop Groups


  • July 20 – Orientation Day for Staff
  • July 21-27 – Camp! Daily Schedule and Nightly Updates


  • Tech Trek Organizers debrief with Camp Volunteers
  • Tech Trek Organizers process camp expenses


  • Tech Trek Organizers submit Camp Report to AAUW national office
  • Tech Trek Alumni and Organizers begin visits to sponsoring branches to share stories from the camp and say thank you for the support

Archived AAUW STEM Tech Trek Daily Camp Schedules