Calendar & Camp Schedule


  • Student nomination forms due from teachers to Tech Trek Selection Coordinator – Deadline February 1.
  • Continue accepting volunteers
  • Continue accepting Student Applications


  • Student applications due to Tech Trek Camp Selection Coordinator – March 1
  • Interviews of Tech Trek applicants begins – March 2
  • Confirm list of dorm monitors, day counselors and begin background checks
  • Curriculum Coordinator schedules Core and Workshops
  • Order materials and supplies from Curriculum Committee


  • Finalize Student Counselors Selection
  • Volunteers complete applicant interviews – April 10
  • Committee members recommend campers and alternates – April 13
  • Director and Selection Coordinator Finalize Campers – April 15
  • Registration/Fee Documents Sent to Families –  April 19


  • Registration documents and $50 fee from families due May 1
  • Tech Trek Camper Packet to Parents May 3
    • Camp Schedule
    • What to Bring To Camp
    • Camp Policies and Rules
    • Core Class, Permission, and Medical Forms
  • Campers assigned to Dorm Rooms and Core Classes
  • Campus Meet & Greet at Stockton Campus Center (driving directions)- May 16


  • Camp forms due – June 5 (AAUW NJ Tech Trek Camp c/o Stockton University, 101 Vera King Farris Drive, Galloway NJ 08205).
  • Campers assigned to Workshop, Field Trip, and Professional Women’s Groups



  • Tech Trek Organizers debrief with Camp Volunteers
  • Tech Trek Organizers process camp expenses


  • Tech Trek Organizers submit Camp Report to AAUW national office
  • Tech Trek Alumni and Organizers begin visits to sponsoring branches to share stories from the camp and say thank you for the support


  • Tech Trek Organizers recruit volunteers; prioritize Selection Committee Volunteers (so we have reps in all counties)
  • Camp organizers and volunteers raise funds from private giving and local or regional grants
  • Volunteer committees begin forming: Student Selection, Curriculum, PR & Marketing, Dorm Mom and Counselors, and Fundraising



  • AAUW national office holds annual Director Training
  • Camp organizers revise web site to align with materials from Directors’ meeting
  • Web site begins accepting Volunteers
  • Early emails go out to all New Jersey schools with a 7th grade (in counties where AAUW volunteers will select)


  • Curriculum Committee begins to review core class and workshop topics
  • Emails go out to NJ principals seeking Teachers’ Nominations for students to attend Tech Trek: Nominate a Camper! (link coming soon)
  • Student Selection Committee begins to accept Teacher Nominations of Students


  • Emails go out to NJ principals seeking Teachers’ Nominations for Students to attend Tech Trek: Nominate a Camper! (link coming soon)
  • Continue to accept Teacher Nominations of Students
  • Student Selection Committee Training dates announced (in Galloway and via Conference Calls Late January/early February meeting with teleconference options at 6:00pm)
  • Continue to recruit and select camp volunteers

Archived AAUW STEM Tech Trek Daily Camp Schedules